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Pro-Tect Sealcoating
Why Sealcoat? Cont...Cont...


Why Sealcoat?
Why Sealcoat? Cont...
Why Sealcoat? Cont...Cont...
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9. Selecting your sealer

Rely on your pavement maintenance contractors to make this decision. They know what type of sealer is best for your pavement condition and region of the country. most likely they will recommend one of two types of sealer.
Asphalt emulsion. The main ingredient in this sealer is a byproduct of the oil-refining process. It is naturally compatible with the asphalt concrete, but by nature it is less resistant to oil and gasoline spills. Manufacturers of asphalt sealers modify the asphalt emulsion with special additives that make it more resistant to gasoline and oil spills.
Refined cool or tar emulsion. Coal tar is a byproduct of the steel manufacturing process. After it has been refined it is used as a sealer for both pavements and roofs. Coal tar emulsion is naturally resistant to oil and gasoline spills.
Many sealcoating materials sold in hardware stores and other do-it-yourself outlets are not as high of a quality as that used by professional pavement maintenance contractors. Contractors are trained professionals whose livelihood depends on the quality of their work. Therefore, they are closely tied to reputable manufacturers who make a consistently high-quality sealer designed for professional use.

Sealers used by professional contractors often:

Are thicker
Have higher solids content (which is important for filling in surface voids).
Contain additives that will speed drying, reduce tracking, improve adhesion to the pavement surface, and generally extend the life of the sealcoat.
Will have the proper aggregate content to provide an abrasive surface.

10. Rely on your pavement maintenance professional.

Your driveway is a significant investment in your property. Proper maintenance by a skilled professional can help make your investment last more than twice as long as unmaintained pavement, thereby extending the life of the pavement and saving you money over the long run.
Your pavement maintenance contractor is trained in detecting and repairing pavement defects ranging from base failure to crack repair and sealcoating. He has the tools, the knowledge, and the know-how to do the job right. Rely on him to help you maintain a long-lasting, quality pavement.

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